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Two students assaulted by bus staff in Delhi suburb

Two students were severely assaulted Thursday morning by the staff of a private bus in Noida, on the outskirts of Delhi, when they asked the balance amount of the money they paid towards their fares. Gauri Shankar Tiwari (21) and his cousin, Mantosh Mishra (22) were punched and hit with iron rods by the bus staff after an altercation with the conductor, who allegedly refused to return their balance money.

According to Tiwari, they had paid Rs.50 towards the tickets which cost Rs.5 each. However, despite repeated requests, the balance of Rs.40 was not paid to them.

As they argued, the conductor threatened them while the driver stopped the bus on the roadside and joined the other staff in assaulting them.

The two suffered severe external head injuries and heavy bleeding from their faces, while Tiwari also sustained a fractured nose, according to the medical report.

Mishra later informed the police and the bus was intercepted and the three staff arrested. Cases have been lodged against them.

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