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Three more dengue deaths in Delhi, toll 52

Three more dengue deaths were reported in Delhi on Monday taking the death toll due to the mosquito-borne disease to 52.

According to health authorities, the capital has so far reported nearly 2,600 cases of dengue fever.

“During the 24 hours to Monday forenoon, 58 fresh cases were reported in the capital taking the total number to 2,595 this year,” Delhi Health Secretary DS Negi said.

He, however, said that with winter setting in, the number of cases was on the decline.

“We hope the atmospheric change will put a break on the number of affected people and would restrain further deaths,” he added.

Dengue is caused by the bite of the female Aedes Aegypti mosquito breeding in stagnant water. It is marked by high fever, joint pain, skin rashes and a sharp drop in platelet counts that can prove fatal.

While the post-monsoon period leads to the mosquito breeding, dengue outbreaks are known to subside after October.

NK Yadav, the municipal health officer of Delhi, said the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) reported two of the three deaths.

AIIMS authorities said Munni Begum, 45, from Sangam Vihar and Om Pal, 29, from Muzaffar Nagar in Uttar Pradesh succumbed to dengue fever.

“The number of cases have certainly gone down but we are far from being complacent. Since three strains of the Dengue virus are active in Delhi this year, the number of deaths have gone up,” Yadav said.

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