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Three Afghani’s arrested in New Delhi with with 10 kg heroin

Three Afghan siblings, including two women, were arrested from the airport for allegedly smuggling high-quality heroin, valued at about Rs ten crore in the international market.

The women had concealed five kg each of the contraband in their waist belt and this was detected during a search when they arrived in the national capital on Wednesday night in a flight from Kabul, Customs sources said on Thursday.

The Customs Department personnel zeroed in on the trio as their movement aroused suspicion and during subsequent checking, the contraband was seized and the three arrested, they said.

The Customs Department, on January 22, arrested a Zimbabwean woman from the airport for allegedly possessing two kilograms of fine quality heroin worth about Rs two crore in the international market.

Based on the profiling of passengers, the Customs have caught 23 people, including eight drug couriers who had concealed narcotics within their body, from the Delhi airport last year.

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