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SGPC urged to follow Delhi panel code

The SGPC has been urged to follow in the footsteps of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee with regard to the enforcement of the simple Sikh marriage code. The Delhi committee has come out with a code asking Sikhs to avoid ostentation and the vulgar display of wealth at weddings.

It has opposed the evil of dowry that has become an integral part of Sikh marriages in various parts of the country. In Delhi, Sikh weddings have become a display of wealth.

Member of the Rajya Sabha and former Chief Election Commissioner of India M.S.Gill here today urged SGPC chief Avtar Singh to enforce a similar code in Punjab, where the dowry system had assumed such menacing proportions that the birth of a girl child was regarded as a sort of financial burden. He said the main reason for killing the female foetus in Punjab was the evil of dowry.

He said the Sikh religion was born out of social reform and it was the duty of the SGPC to bring about social and economic reforms in the Sikh community.

Gill said the SGPC should spend some time on the collective welfare of the community and come out with a reform programme.“In fact, the need of the hour is to take big initiatives on the reform front in the community”, he said.

He said Sikhs in Indore, Mumbai and other parts of the country had successfully enforced the code on simple marriages. Well-off farmers and rich Sikhs in urban areas such as Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Amritsar spent money recklessly on weddings.

They set a bad example for less fortunate members of the community. Many a time people in the rural areas had to take loans to meet the demand of dowry.

Gill said the SGPC should take steps to eliminate the dowry system from Punjab and also prevail upon the Sikh community to perform marriages in the simplest possible manner. He said the money thus saved could be utilised for some other productive purpose.

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