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Sabeer Bhatia to set up knowledge park in Haryana

Hotmail creator Sabeer Bhatia is all set to develop a knowledge park near Chandigarh.

Addressing an international economic summit in Maryland, US, recently, Haryana Finance Minister Birender Singh said, “Sabeer Bhatia will develop Nano City near Chandigarh in collaboration with the government of Haryana.”

In April this year, Bhatia had announced his plans to set up a knowledge city in India in partnership with a state government. He had said that the venture would be a public-private partnership aimed at building a Silicon Valley-type city.

He had said that silicon technology, introduced in the 1970s, was now becoming obsolete. The Nano City, he said, would create “technologies” of the future.

Once completed, the knowledge park is expected to create many jobs and generate much need revenue for the state.

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