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Rs 31 cr schemes sanctioned for NCR in Haryana

The National Capital Region planning board has sanctioned 38 schemes costing Rs 31.22 crore pertaining to the water supply and sanitation department for the districts falling in the jurisdiction of NCR in Haryana.

This was revealed at a meeting presided over by Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda which discussed the funding of water supply and sanitation projects relating to NCR and NABARD here today.

Giving the details of the schemes sanctioned under the NCR, the Chief Minister said the fund for these schemes had been released by the NCR Planning Board and out of 38 schemes, two schemes had already been completed while the remaining 36 such would be completed by March 2008.

It was informed in the meeting that under the accelerated rural water supply programme, three schemes costing Rs 1.72 crore were in progress. Of this amount, Rs 1.18 crore had already been allocated by the Union Government so far and these schemes would be completed by March 2008.

Hooda said that under the desert development programme 13 schemes costing Rs 2.69 crore had been sanctioned. Of this amount, a sum of Rs 1.56 crore had already been released by the Centre.

He said three schemes costing Rs 25.54 crore had been forwarded to the National Capital Region Planning Board and after the approval of NCR Planning Board these schemes would be completed by March 2010.

Hooda said that National Bank for Agriculture And Rural Development (NABARD) had also sanctioned 26 schemes costing Rs 39.41 crore and a sum of Rs 23.10 crore had already been released for these projects during the current financial year.

It was informed in the meeting that 10 projects of NABARD would be completed during the current financial year while the remaining 16 projects would be completed by March 31, 2009.

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