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Ride bumpy in Faridabad too

It’s not only Delhi that’s troubled by potholed roads. Most of the stretches in neighbouring Faridabad, except NH-2, are also in a bad state, especially after the monsoon. Accidents and vehicle breakdowns have become a common phenomenon in the city.

Figure this: Industrialist Ramesh Jhawar’s new luxury car broke down in the industrial area of sector-6 after one of its tyres got stuck in a deep pothole. The rainwater entered his car and choked its engine. Though his car was covered for the warranty period, Jhawar had to pay Rs 80,000 to get it back on the road.

Even two-wheelers have not escaped the fury of bad roads. Last year, Manoj Bhatia, resident of sector-23 while travelling on his scooter with his wife passed over a pothole, lost balance and fell off while his wife was thrown to the opposite side and was run over by a rushing tractor. Bhatia says: ‘’Authorities have not learnt any lesson from my tragedy and more accidents are only waiting to happen.'’

However, municipal commissioner RK Khullar said that the civic body is filling up potholes to prevent serious accidents.

Sources said the bad condition of roads is primarily due to the absence of stormwater drainage on most of the roads. It results in waterlogging and subsequently the upper layer of the road gets washed off. The blame game also takes its toll on the roads. When people complain to the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF), they are told that Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is responsible for roads. Those approaching HUDA are sent back to MCF.

Meanwhile, Khullar said: ‘’In the last four years, expenditure on road repairs has risen from Rs 15.91 crore to Rs 40 crore. People of Faridabad are aware that no repairs can be undertaken at the moment due to daily showers and we have to wait for monsoon to withdraw before any repairs can start.'’

TD Jatwani, president, confederation of RWAs, says: ‘’We are preparing a detailed memorandum describing the lack of civic infrastructure in our city. We will submit it to chief minister very soon. Road conditions would figure prominently.'’

SK Jain, president, Faridabad Industries Association (FIA), said: ‘’The industrial areas, especially Sector-6 and Sector-24 have no roads worth the name. Many workers have met with accidents while coming to work and returning home, resulting in serious absenteeism.'’


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