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Rains break dry spell in Punjab, Haryana

Rains at many places in Punjab and Haryana today broke the long dry spell and also brought down the Mercury, which had witnessed a steep rise in the region during the past five days.

Rain lashed Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Patiala, Ludhiana in Punjab and Ambala, Karnal, Panchkula and Kalka in Haryana, the Met Department here said.

The maximum temperature, which had been hovering several degrees above the normal range, also came down following the change in weather.

The MET department said temperatures in the region should come down to their normal range with today’s widespread rains.

Chandigarh recorded a maximum of 25.2 C, Ambala 21.9 C, Hisar 25.9 C, Karnal 23.5 C, Amritsar 21.6 C, Ludhiana 20.4 C and Patiala 23 C.

However, the night temperatures in the region hovered several notches above the normal range.

The minimum temperature here shot to 13.2 C, five degrees above normal.

Patiala recorded a low of 13.8 C, up five while Ludhiana registered a low of 10.9 C, six above normal.

Hisar also had a warm night at 14.2 C, a record ten degrees above normal, Ambala at 12 C was six degrees above normal while Karnal recorded a low of 13.5 C, also up six degrees.

They have forecast light to moderate rain or thunder showers at many places in Punjab and Haryana during the next two days.

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