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Panchkula walks in ‘beauty’ of advertisements

THE city seems like a life-size portfolio of outdoor advertising. Hoarding, banners and posters are everywhere, defacing the city with impunity. The posters are pasted on public and private property without any consideration for the law and the environs of the city. And this despite the recent assurances of Municipal Council president Manveer Kaur Gill, who had stated that a massive campaign would be launched against the defacement of the city.

Sector-15 resident M.S. Cheema said, ‘’The unregulated advertisements - commercial and political - in the form of hoarding, posters and banners, are spoiling the beauty of the city. A cartel is working without any restrictions from the Council or HUDA. They have been given free reign to put an advertisement in any form they deem fit.'’

Most of the hoarding have, in fact, been erected against the rules and regulations. ‘’The advertisements put up at different public places, including on shops, violate the rules and regulations laid down by HUDA. Even the liquor brands are advertised on big hoarding, covering the entire walls of showrooms. The Administration must take these violations very seriously and deal with these sternly,'’ said S.K. Nayyar, president of the Citizen Welfare Association, Panchkula.

In the markets of sectors 16 and 14, the side of a corner showroom has been covered by hoarding. In Sector 16, a liquor ad covers the entire wall of a showroom. Apart from these, posters cover the signboard that have been put up to display sectors and house numbers. Even the back walls of houses are used to paste posters. The banners of coaching centers, shops, etc, cover the city. The situation is especially bad on the rotaries and the road sides.

Near the Sector 8/18 rotary, banners relating to Bhajan Lal and Kuldeep Bishnoi have been put up. Similarly, political posters paint other parts of the city as well.

A resident of Sector 17, S.K. Kalra, said, ‘’The roadside hoarding and other advertisements distract the drivers on the road. This has increased the number of accidents. The administration should take appropriate action as soon as possible.'’

Municipal Council President Manveer Kaur Gill agreed that steps should be taken to prevent further defacement of the city. She said, ‘’We are in the process of issuing notices to all those having hoarding, posters and banners against the rules and regulations. In some areas we have even started removing the advertising hoarding, banners, and posters on the public property.'’ She further said the political hoarding of the ruling party violating the rules would be removed.

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