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Nizam’s jewels shine in Delhi

The last time the Nizam’s jewels were on display, they set off a trend of local jewellers copying them now they are back again on popular demand.

Some 300 year-old pieces of jewellery are on display at the National Museum in New Delhi after a span of six years. These pieces are worth a look and one should not miss the famous Jacob diamond.

The jewels of French empress Marie Antoinette might be going on auction in London later this year but New Delhi can take a walk down the royal corridors of time right now.

The jewellery in the exhibition is actually housed in a vault because its value is estimated in excess of Rs 25000 crore.

Omnipresent security

Naturally, security is omnipresent and watertight! Around 173 pieces of jewellery are mind-boggling oppulance signatures of the lifestyle of the Nizam royal family. ‘’I missed the exhibition the first time. So I came to see it, there are no words to describe it!,'’ said a local.

On display are necklaces, belts, rings, buckles all encrusted with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, the works the word small obviously didn’t exist in the royal dictionary!

Jacob diamond

The famous jacob diamond, named after Malcom Jacob, who tried to sell it to Mahboob Ali Pasha, the sixth Nizam, for an initial quote of Rs 1.2 crore then settled to Rs 46 lakhs.

After dispute and an out of court settlement, the nizam got the diamond for a mere Rs 23 lakh. Weighing in at 37gms, 184.5 carats, the diamond has 58 facets and current price is approx Rs 500,000.'’ The Nizam used this diamond, which is even bigger than the Kohinoor, as a paperweight for quite a while.

Also present are turban ornaments, armbands, and anklets so ornate and heavy they must have made walking a tough task.

Considering the volumes of history behind each piece, such treasures have a value that goes beyond the monetary.

The exhibition is on for another month and a half and going by the crowd response to it, the museum is already considering extending the exhibition even after.


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