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MPD 2021 will solve all Delhi woes, says Maken

The Centre on Thursday insisted that Delhi’s new master plan (MPD) would address all town planning requirements of the Capital and ruled out placing the anti-sealing law beyond judicial review in the wake of the Supreme Court’s temporary relief to traders from MCD drive.

“We are consulting experts from different fields while we finalise the new master plan. it will be a comprehensive document that will aim at addressing a range of problems facing the people of Delhi, such as housing, transport, environment and so on and so forth,” Union Minister of state for urban development Ajay Maken told PTi.

He said there was no need at all to place Delhi laws (special provisions) under scheduled nine of the constitution in the light of today’s relief to the traders by the court. “The Supreme Court has not struck down the September 7 and September 15 notification (regarding mixed-land use).

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