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Katara back in Delhi but son still at large

The Delhi Police team which took BJP MP Babubhai Katara to Dahod returned on Saturday with the MP.

While the police managed to identify Katara’s bank accounts where he kept his ill-gotten cash, they failed to trace his elder son Bhavesh, who fled with more than Rs 15 lakh, withdrawn from one of the accounts minutes after news broke out about Katara’s arrest .

One of Katara’s Dahod based-brothers also continues to abscond with more than Rs 5 lakh. With the other MPs named not likely to make themselves available for questioning anytime soon, the police are now banking on the computer seized from Kiran Dhar, one of the accused in police custody.

Kiran is a close aide of travel agent and main accused Sunder Lal Yadav. “The hard disc has been sent to Hyderabad for examination. We are hopeful that it will throw up a lot of facts,” said a police officer.

Meanwhile, the police have not yet been able to trace Rashid Ali, the Hyderabad-based travel agent whose arrest is crucial for the investigations. He has caused a storm by circulating documents comprising enough evidence against at least five Andhra TRS MLAs and four MPs.

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