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Karan is here for Haryana’s folk art

Multi -talent artiste Karan Singh Saini from Haryana is yet another name added to the list of young talents who is determined to promote folk art and culture. The energetic youth from Jind district is in the city to teach children the folk dance ‘ghoomer’ which is the identity of Haryana. He is conducting the workshop at North Central Zone Cultural Centre.

“This dance form is exclusively meant for girls and is performed during the festivals, marriages and harvesting of crops. Khaudiya, Panghat and Sawan are other dances in which only females participate. Panihari and Faag are performed by both males and females,” said Karan. Perhaps, the multiple gyrating gestures by the performers is the reason of naming the dance as ‘ghoomer’. Ghaghra, chunri and kurti comprise the costume while kanthi, jhalar, haar, galsari, borla, tagadi, kadi and jhanjhar are worn as ornaments.

Karan has his own group named as ‘Karan Saini and group’ in which there are 30 artistes. “We have performed in almost all the states of the country,” he said. Besides skilled as a dancer, Karan is also adept in playing several musical instruments such as harmonium, banjo and nagada. He is also a talented actor who keeps helping with his skills on the occasions of annual functions held in schools and colleges.

An alumnus of Kurukshetra University, Karan won the best actor award during his stage performances for six years in a row. Right now he is learning singing from his guru Subhash Ji Chauhan. “My music album on remix of Haryanvi songs is about to be released soon. I am also a playwright,” he added. Such oodles of talent, but he is not vying for any recognition on silver screen.

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