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INLD blames Hooda Government for real estate scam

Indian National Lok Dal(INLD) Saturday accused the Haryana government for conniving with the private builders who have generated a profit of Rs.50 crores.

Alleging a multi thousand crore scandal , INLD leader Prof. Sampat Singh, state president, Askok Arora, former minister Jaswinder Singh have a demanded high level inquiry and white paper from the government and asked for inclusion of two senior press reporters from the Haryana Assembly press gallery so that the truth could come out.

Former finance minister Prof Singh said that section 4 and section 6 of land aqisition Act were being misused in the state government in collusion with private builders have garnered illegal profit of more than Rs. 50 thousand crore in a single land release order about 688 acre land of IMT Manesar.
Giving the details of the scam, INLD leader said that IMT Manesar was developed on 4800 acre of land during the than INLD government and to provide housing for the 5 lakh manpower expected to work in the industrial township, it was decided to acquire additional 950 acre of land alongwith the national highway. IMT Manesar Later about

Theyfurther said that the decision was taken to provide housing to the manpower and work force needed for the industrial township on the pattern of internationally accepted ‘walk to work’ scheme. They said that section 4 was issued on August 27, 2004, followed by notification of section 6 on August 25, 2005. Some people went to the court and due to stay order on some land; 688 acre land was left for the acquisition. Land Acquisition Collector (LAC) was engaged in the process of land acquisition and as per the due process, the award was to be announced in two years. In a letter, the Collector asked the HSIDC to pay the amount so that the farmers could be paid compensation. HSIDC had deposited Rs. 50 crore on August 16, 2007 with the LAC.

INLD leaders said that as soon as the award was to be announced, Hooda government asked the LAC to withdraw the whole land acquisition process and stopped the three year long process in a single stroke. “In fact, during that period some big private colonizers had purchased the whole lands in conspiracy with the highly placed government functionaries and some had even applied for the Change of Land Use (CLU)”, INLD leaders said. They said that only some time back, HSIDC had sold 4 acre land in Manesar at 289 crore rupees at the rate of 72 crore rupees per acre.

Former finance minister said that the land was more costly than the land sold at 72 crore rupees per acre. Fearing the land acquisition, the farmers sold their lands to the private colonizers at prices far below the market rates. Out of it, 200 acre land was purchased by a single land colonizer at the peltry rate of Rs. 2.35 crore per acre. INLD leaders asked the government to come out with a white paper about the land owners at the time of notifying section 4 & section 6 and at the time of announcement of release order.

INLD leaders asked the government why additional 3718 acre land is being acquired, if the land is not required and if the additional land was required than why the 688 acre land was released after the whole acquisition process had completed as the additional land is also being acquired for the purpose of IMT Manesar.

INLD has asked the restoration of 688 acre Manesar lands to their rightful original owners at the time of notification of section 4 notice. INLD leader Prof. Singh said that earlier also the government has given 1500 acre of HSIDC land to Reliance, which was acquired by HSIDC and committed scam of Rs. one lakh crores.

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