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Hello Bank, give me 5 lacs or else…

Where Do you go when you want money? A bank, of course. Following that logic, a resident of Gurgaon, walked into a public phone booth at the Post Office Crossing on Monday, called up a branch of the Karnataka Bank in sector 14 and asked for Rs 5 lakh.

The phone was slammed down. But since then, our man on a treasure hunt has simply refused to stop dialling M for money.

“Give me the money or i will blow up your bank,” he said, when a startled bank employee told him to scout for riches elsewhere. He did not give up, going on to repeat his threat for three days in a row.

When even that did not work, he wielded his final weapon on Wednesday - not the bomb, the phone.

From 10 in the morning to 1 p.m., the telephone did not stop pealing at the branch in the SCO complex of Sector 14 on Delhi Road in Gurgaon as the mysterious caller kept up his demand for Rs 5 lakh.

“He made at least a dozen calls, asking for money. He even called up and threatened bank manager V.P. Madhava, who is on leave in Bangalore, on his mobile number. He threatened to blow up the bank and kill all the employees if he was not paid Rs 5 lakh,” said a bank employee.

Finally, driven to exasperation, the bank employees called the police. The Gurgaon police registered a case.

Gurgaon SSP Hanif Qureshi said the assistant manager of the bank had submitted a complaint that the bank employees were receiving threatening calls from an anonymous caller. “We have initiated investigation into the case and are trying to reach out to the caller,” the SSP added.

The police have zeroed in on the PCO booth city from where the calls were being made to the bank. According to the investigating officer, the calls were being made from a landline number, 4065542, and a mobile number, 9811637729.

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