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Haryana to set up mahila shakti sadans

Haryana government has decided to set up 500 Mahila Shakti Sadans in rural areas of the state. Haryana Women and Child Development Minister Kartar Devi said Mahila Shakti Sadans would be constructed in those villages where the Panchayats would provide 500 square yards of land free of cost for the purpose.

She said that Mahila Shakti Sadans would provide a common place to women for organising various activities for their empowerment, awareness generation, training camps and meetings.

Mahila Shakti Sadans, built at the cost of about Rs 10 lakh each would be equipped with a computers and have adequate furniture, stationery and a library.

Mahila Sakshar Samooh, the village level committee of educated women and government agencies will organise various activities for women here, she said. It would be a self sufficient resource centre to address gender needs of the village, she added.

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