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Haryana power dept to follow path of uniformity

if the managing directors of the power utilities of Haryana have their way, very soon all the employees of the Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam (HVPN), Power Generation Corporation and Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) would be seen in uniforms. And this would be applicable to employees from all classes including the managing directors themselves.

Talking to Newsline, Managing Director of UHBVN AK Singh said though the introduction of uniforms for the employees would cost them a large sum, they are planning to start the system soon.

“it is a corporate world and according to the corporate culture, we should have uniforms for the employees. Our theme colour is blue, so we might have blue uniforms. However, that is still to be seen. We have to decide on the colour,” said Singh.

He added that till now only Class iV employees wore uniforms. But with the introduction of this system, Singh said employees of all classes would have to wear the uniform. Besides, uniforms will also help in identifying on-the-field employees of power utility.

Managing Director of HVPN PK Das said it is the feeling of uniformity that they wanted to create among the employees and thus, they are starting with this system.

“Though it is not officially declared, all the MDs have principally agreed to go ahead with the decision and within a span of two-three months we will start the system. The objective behind all this is to instill a feeling of uniformity among the employees,” said Das.

He cited an example of a Class iV employee who wears a Khakhi uniform and is treated like a Class iV employee even outside the office. “This should not happen. By introducing uniforms, we want all the employees to feel the same,” Das said.

As for the colour and type of uniform, Das said that they are to still decide about it and would do so keeping in mind various other factors.

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