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Haryana govt’s novel gesture for maternal care

Till a few years back almost 70 per cent women in Haryana delivered babies at home, with the help of a dai or a midwife.

Parvati is the first woman in her family to get routine pregnancy checks. The Haryana government runs delivery huts in order to look after pregnant women right till their children are immunized.

The Dundahida delivery hut used to be a sub centre till some years back and women delivered babies here even then.

Under the National Rural Health Mission it has its own delivery table, a proper clean bed, uninterrupted power supply, suction machine and very essential medicines. These are small things that go a long way in preventing maternal mortality.

If the delivery is complicated the patient is taken to the nearest hospital at the state’s cost.

‘’The first thing we do is call a cab to get here as soon as possible. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the patient to be taken to the Civil Hospital. This is a 24 hour service,'’ said Neelam Devi, ANM, Jhhadsa Delivery Hut.

Since this hut began, trained nurses have replaced the village dai and surrounding villages have not seen a single death at childbirth.

But in a state where almost 70 per cent women had their babies at home, it wasn’t easy to convince them. So health workers went from house to house to talk to women like Lalita.

‘’We have to listen to our family elders, so my first child was born at home. But there were complications. After that I tried the dispensary. Now I only go there,'’ said Lalita, resident, Jhhadsa village.

Every child in Lalitha’s village is now born at the delivery hut. But its growing popularity has also meant more pressure.

A the Jhhadsa Delivery Hut two women cater to 17,000 women, four times more than they can handle.

‘’Once there were three deliveries together. I put one of the women on that table in front of us, one of them on this bed, and one on that OPD table outside,'’ said Anita Rani, ANM, Jhhadsa Delivery Hut.

It defeats the very purpose of these delivery huts and another success story is in the danger of collapsing for want of resources.

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