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Haryana govt signs medical agreement

The Haryana government will sign an MoU with private practitioners and medical colleges in the state to ensure effective implementation of the World Bank aided Rs . 2.17 crore integrated disease surveillance programme (IDSP).

The MoU to be signed between the state health department and private practitioners as well as the medical colleges would also specifiy the roles each stakeholder would need to play in the programme, Haryana Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary Health ,Urvashi Gulati said.

Diseases such as meningococcal meningitis, dengue, viral hepatitis, japanese encephalitis, malaria, cholera, typhoid,tuberculosis, measles, polio, plague and HIV would be covered under the programme. Factors such as water quality, outdoor air quality and risk of non-communicable diseases would be covered by IDSP once the MoU is signed, she said.

To implement the programme, which would continue till March 2009, the state government would provide funds as well as equipments to private practitioners and medical colleges, Public and private sector participation is vital in diagnosing diseases and containing an epidemic, she said.

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