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Haryana farmers sign pact to grow jatropha plants

Haryana farmers sign pact to grow jatropha plants
Chandigarh- Farmers in a Haryana district Monday signed an agreement with a private sector oil company to grow jatropha plants that could provide a cheaper alternative fuel for motor cars.

At least 52 village panchayats or councils in Yamunanagar signed the pact with D-1 Oils India Ltd here in the presence of central ministers Mani Shankar Aiyar and Kumari Selja.

Jatropha plants would be grown over 1,130 acres of barren land in the district.

Aiyar said the plan could provide bio-diesel for motor vehicles and farmers could benefit financially by selling it. He assured all support for the proper marketing of jatropha seeds.

Fuel derived from jatropha plant seeds had been tested by various vehicle manufacturers in the country successfully. It is not only cheaper but was more efficient.

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