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Haryana delivers 14.01 lakh metric tonne of rice

The Haryana Government has delivered 14.01 lakh metric tonnes of rice to the Central pool so far, Deputy Chief Minister Chander Mohan said today.

Out of this, 10.32 lakh metric tonnes of rice has been delivered by the six Government procuring agencies while the millers have contributed 3.68 lakh metric tonnes of rice in the Central pool.

Mohan said here that Hafed had contributed 4.48 lakh MTs of rice followed by Food and Supplies Department (3.15 lakh MTs), Agro Industries Corporation (1.21 lakh MTs), Confed (89,551 MTs), Haryana Warehousing Corporation (50,435 MTs) and FCI had contributed 7400 MTs of rice.

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