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Haryana asked to release water for Chhath Puja

To ensure there is plenty of clean water in the Yamuna for the upcoming “Chhath Puja”, a popular festival dedicated to the Sun God, the Delhi Jal Board has written to the Haryana Irrigation Department to release more water. As the minimum required water level of the river has fluctuated over the past few weeks, the water utility wants to take no chances.

A letter was despatched to Haryana this past week to release enough water to maintain the required water level and also allow the Delhi Jal Board to release more water for the four-day festival.

“The Delhi Jal Board has asked Haryana to release more water so that we can have the water level at the mandatory 674.5 feet and enough build-up so that clean water can be released downstream for those performing the Chhath Puja,” said an official, adding, “Since it takes four days for the water to reach Delhi, the Jal Board has sought an early release of augmented supply so that adequate quantity of water can be stored before the actual festival begins.”

The Jal Board is also hopeful that Haryana will release the additional 20 MGD of water meant for the Nangloi water treatment plant. Despite the Central Water Commission’s directive and repeated reminders from the Delhi Jal Board, Haryana has steadfastly refused to carry the water released by the Bhakra Beas Management Board.

“The water is meant for Delhi, Punjab has passed it on, but Haryana first claimed that the water is not being released and thereafter refused to carry it. Numerous reminders have been sent and the CWC has also intervened, but there has been no response. Recently a letter was despatched from the Delhi Chief Secretary’s office to his counterpart in Haryana, requesting for the release of the additional supply,” said the Delhi Jal Board official.

“If Haryana continues to deny Delhi its share of water from the BBMB, the only option left is legal recourse,” he added. As on date, Haryana provides 20 MGD of water for the Nangloi plant as against 40 MGD. “Delhi’s share translates into 60 MGD, but about 20 MGD is wasted as losses. If the Nangloi plant gets its full allocated share, supply will be augmented in the Outer Delhi areas, which currently face a shortage.”

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