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Gurgaon Expressway: It’s 50 kmph for now

If you are thinking of zooming through Delhi-Gurgaon expressway, hold your horses. Though the designed speed limit of this stretch is 100 kmph, cars and heavy motor vehicles are not allowed to cross the 50 kmph mark and for two-wheelers the maximum limit is fixed at 40 kmph for the time being.

According to ASP (traffic) N S Ahlawat, the idea behind maintaining the speed limit is to minimise accidents till the work on the entire stretch is completed. “And for those violating the rule, the fine can range anything from Rs 100 to Rs 400,” he added.

Even a senior National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) official admitted that until the traffic segregation happens on this stretch, it would be risky to let the light motor vehicles (LMVs) zoom at 80 kmph.

“The segregation of high-speeding and slow-moving traffic will be possible only when the entire stretch is complete. We have seen how two-wheelers and slow moving vehicles have been largely responsible for accidents on this stretch,” he pointed out.

According to traffic experts, the speed limit on any stretch is fixed after keeping in mind the designed speed, type of traffic, road geometry and norm of the speed limit.

“The notification issued by the Central government in 1989 fixes the speed limit for all public roads. While for two wheelers, it’s 50 kmph and for buses it’s 65 kmph, there is no specification for LMVs.

This responsibility has been left to the state governments,” said Rohit Baluja, president of Indian Road Traffic Education.

Strange though it might sound, the truth is that Haryana government has fixed the speed limit for LMVs on national highways at 90 kmph, despite the fact that the road geometry and signage on these stretches don’t comply to the desired norms.

Moreover, there are villages and city and urban limits fall on these stretches, making it practically impossible for vehicles to ply at that high speed.

“Why the whole concept of speed limit has gone for a six is that we have no proper traffic management system and no importance has been given to the increasing problem of traffic chaos. Two-wheelers constitute 60% of our total vehicle population. Where is the plan to manage them? So we end up counting more fatal accidents,” Baluja said.

Meanwhile, Gurgaon police have got a Rs 3-crore sanction from the state government to install ‘pentizone’ cameras on the stretch to catch motorists who overspeed, violate lane-driving, park vehicles on the road and jump signals, among others.

This sanction includes the laying of broadband services for approximately 40 cameras and CCTVs across the city in the first phase.

Said inspector-general Mahendra Lal: “These cameras will be placed on the expressway, crossings of the service road, on MG Road and Old highway. We are sure that by the time the expressway is complete, we will have the cameras installed.”

He added that these cameras have a coverage area of 2.5 km. “Once we have these automative traffic regulation systems in place, we will be able to manage the situation.

We realise that this expressway needs immediate attention to prevent accidents by keeping check on traffic rule violations,” Lal added.


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