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Gurgaon burglaries: Police sight similar modus operandi

Gurgaon Police on Monday said the modus operandi in all eight burglaries over the weekend in Gurgaon was the same, though they haven’t been able to make any arrests.

While seven burglaries were committed in Suncity, located on Golf Course Road and one in Sector 10, a robbery was reported from Malibu Town.

Barring the burglary in Sector 10, all others were committed in areas which are supposed to have round-the-clock security.

Police said all seven burglaries in Suncity took place between 10 am and 2.30 pm. The assailants first broke locks on the grills before cutting the locks on the wooden doors.

The accused left bulky and invaluable objects untouched while they took away articles like jewellery, cash and watches, said police.

Suncity RWA president Abhay Pooniya said, “We blame the Suncity management for the burglaries. Security arrangements are inadequate and incompetent. Five of the burglaries took place in E-block despite two security posts at the gates.”

Ashok Joshi, secretary of the RWA, said the house of Saahib Khan, vice-president of Suncity RWA, was burgled in spite of the presence of a gunman and two security guards right in front of his apartment.

At a meeting between the RWA, management of Suncity and the police, Pooniya said, the management claimed there are 27 guards at night and 26 in the morning. “I personally checked the register and found 17 guards at night and 16 during mornings,” Pooniya said.

RWA officials say they requested the management to allow them to monitor security arrangements, but were turned down.

Gurgaon Police Commissioner Mohinder Lal, meanwhile, said police patrolling has been increased. “We are also going to train the private security guards. They do not know whom to check and how to question visitors. We are planning to sensitise them,” he said.

On Friday, four men who allegedly committed 15 burglaries and five robberies over the last two months were arrested in Gurgaon.

“The incidents which took place even after their arrests indicates the operation of many other gangs,” Lal said.

Malibu Town RWA vice president, Alka Dalal, also said the number of guards were inadequate for the large locality.

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