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Gurgaon 2021

Ideally , you should have bought a plot or apartment in Gurgaon in the mid or late nineties. If you woke up to Gurgaon’s potential after 2002-03, prices were already rising and soon skyrocketed beyond the affordability level of many buyers.

Now, you might get a second shot at owning a property in Gurgaon. A new integrated masterplan for Gurgaon and Manesar was published on July 11, 2006. Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has allowed one month for the public to file its objections, after which the masterplan will be notified.

Whereas the old masterplan encompassed an area of 9,881 hectares, the new one covers 33,726 hectares (3.4 times the previous area). To the existing 57 sectors, 58 new sectors have been added. These will be developed by 2021, and are expected to house a population of 37 lakh.

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