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Gujjar protestors block traffic in Gurgaon

Gujjar agitators on Wednesday blocked an arterial road in this city in the outskirts of Delhi by burning tyres and causing a major traffic jam.

A group of protestors demanding ST status for the community gathered this morning at the M G Road area, where the major malls are located, and set afire tyres, Assistant Commissioner of Police Sumit Kumar said.

This led to a traffic jam, he said, adding the protestors dispersed after police intervened.

With the Gujjar community threatening to bring the National Capital Region (NCR) to a standstill tomorrow, the Union Home Ministry has put the region on high alert.

Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil reviewed the situation in the wake of the large-scale Gujjar protests in Rajasthan at a high-level meeting yesterday and is understood to have later briefed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the matter.

Official sources said that since the Gujjar unrent was fast reaching the NCR, which has already witnessed sporadic protests, police and security agencies were keeping a close watch to prevent disruptions.

The Home Minister has also issued advisories the authorities in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, besides Delhi, in the view of the stir in Rajasthan.


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