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Father held in Delhi suburb death

Arushi Talwar’s body was discovered last Friday at her house in Noida, a prosperous suburb of Delhi.

She stayed there with her parents, both of whom are well known dentists.

The murder has generated huge media and public interest with questions being raised about how the Noida police have been handling the case.

Serious crime

Police initially suspected the Nepalese servant of killing the girl and issued his picture to the public saying he was wanted for questioning.

But they soon discovered that he too had been killed, at about the same time as the girl.

The bodies of the two bore similar injury marks and police said the murders were carried out with great precision.

The arrest of the girl’s father Dr Rajesh Talwar followed intensive questioning by the police.

“The prime accused is Dr Rajesh Talwar… On the basis of investigation by the police in Noida he has been arrested but other details will come out after further investigation,” a police spokesman said.

This is not the first time that Noida has been in the news for a high-profile crime.

Nearly two years ago more than 30 people, many of them young children, were killed and their body parts found in a drain at the back of a house there.

The local police were criticised for their “inept and insensitive” handling of that case. Critics accused them of being slow to act in part because the victims were all poor.

Noida is a wealthy township near Delhi, a city known for its high crime rates.

Many say the local police need to be modernised to keep pace with a growing crime problem.

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