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Fake SIM cards issued to Hutch subscribers in Haryana District

Close to 50 per cent of Hutch subscribers in the Haryana Telecom circle, have been issued SIM cards on the basis of forged identity documents, the police said. Superintendent of Police Kaithal, Navdeep Singh Virk told PTI that the total subscriber base of Hutch in the Haryana Circle as on April 30, 2006 is 3,73,801 and nearby half these mobiles were issued allegedly on forged identity documents.

He said in the Haryana Circle, 1,82,416 Hutch prepaid SIM cards have been issued by the company in the names of 2329 people without their knowledge and in the Kaithal District alone, where the police had unearthed a scam in Hutch and Reliance phone connections. Hutch has issued 7577 prepaid SIM Cards in the names of only 150 people with their knowledge.

Virk said that similar alleged fraud by Reliance Infocomm, which was found to have issued 536 prepaid connections in the names of only 15 people without their knowledge. Two FIR’s were already registered against top executives of both companies, Virk said, adding most of these prepaid connections had fallen into the hands of criminals and anti-social elements here.

“Such acts are also a big threat to national security”, he said. A Hutch company spokesman said the issue of subscriber verification was not unique to the company and its policy was to consistently reinforce implementation of the subscriber verification process, with its trade representatives and partners.

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