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Delhi demolitions: Kids try to save school

It’s not just shops and commercial establishments that have come in for demolitions in the capital. A group of children in New Delhi are trying to save their school from the bulldozers.

Akriti and her schoolmates are out on the streets, trying to save their school from the MCD’s demolition squad that will get back to clearing unauthorised constructions in residential areas of the capital.

Akriti’s school is among many that are now threatened by the MCD’s bulldozers.

“It is not right to close all schools because many students are studying in these schools. I think schools should not be shut that’s what we would like to put across to the government,” she said.

“There are many students in these schools, their future is at stake. What will they do?” she added.

There are about 2000 schools in different residential areas of Delhi. About 1-3 lakh students study in these schools, which can be affected by the sealing drive.

“In the masterplan the schools that are not mentioned are about 4000. About 10 lakh students are studying in these schools. These schools are closer to their homes, if they shut the schools that are in the residential areas, where will the children go?” said Shailesh Chandra, Administrator, Cosmos Public school.

The management of the schools are now hopeful that the Centre will give them some relief under the 2021 master plan.

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