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Clash in Gurgaon factory, 17 hurt

Raising spectre of the violence at Honda factory last year, 17 persons were injured as workers and members of the management at Amtek Siccardi India Limited clashed on Tuesday. Nine workers were admitted to the Civil Hospital. Said Gurgaon’s chief medical officer D V Saharan, “The patients were given immediate care and two of the workers with head injuries were referred to Safdurjung Hospital.” Eight people from the management were admitted to Aryan Hospital in Gurgaon.

Said SSP Hanif Qureshi, “The management lodged a complaint against 12 workers on charges of beating the employees, while no complaint has been lodged by the workers against the management.” Said Baljeet Singh, factory manager at Amtek, “About 20 men went on strike after two of their colleagues were transferred from Manesar to Gurgaon. On Tuesday, they entered the plant and started breaking things. They also hit our chief general manager on the head. Later, they managed to flee.”

The workers’ union owing allegience to CITU, on the other hand, claimed that the management had signed an agreement on April 10, 2004 by which it had inserted a clause that no one would be transferred without a valid reason. However, Rajesh Kumar and Balwan Singh, were transferred without citing any reason. The workers staged a dharna but the management allegedly turned a deaf ear to their protests.

Alleged Suresh Chandra, a worker: “On Tuesday, about 17 of us were called as usual but the management brought in about 50-60 goons from outside who started beating us with lathis and batons. Seventeen were injured.”

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