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Bird flu scare in Haryana

Panic gripped poultry farmers in Haryana’s Bhiwani District today due to mysterious death of thousands of chickens.

Poultry owners were scared that the bird flu virus has hit them.

“Thousands of chickens are dying daily. Doctors come, they do check up and then go. They are not telling us the exact reason for the mysterious death,” said Krishna, a poultry owner.

There has been no official confirmation however if the deadly H5N1 strain of avian influenza has actually hit here.

About 160,000 poultry birds have been culled in West Bengal so far, while over 100,000 birds have succumbed to the disease.

The 5000 crore organised poultry industry in West Bengal has taken a bad hit following the outbreak of bird flu.

In 2006, after bird flu was detected in Maharashtra, the Centre had given a 4 per cent subsidy on interest on loans given to the organised sector and backed it up with subsidy on poultry feed.

The WHO has called the outbreak the most serious in India.

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