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Bhupinder Singh Hooda for more culinary schools in Haryana

The Government of Haryana has shown a keen interest in opening more culinary schools and institutions for chefs to encourage the tourism industry and the profession of chefs in the state.

Chief Minister of state Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda said this while speaking at the Chefs Awards-2007 function, organized to mark the International Chefs Day celebrations here.

The Chief Minister said that schools and institutions for culinary art would encourage chefs as well as the young mass to take up the profession in tourism industry as there are tremendous employment opportunities available in the field.

While asserting that chefs are the backbone of the hospitality industry, Hooda said that chef is to tourism industry what soul is to the body.

He said that it is their finger-licking preparations that make a tourist talk about them elsewhere, come back and bring others too, along.

He said that a chef is the pivot which keeps the wheels of hospitality industry moving by constantly striving to improving upon the cooking skills, both artistically and aesthetically.

Mr. Hooda also praised the contribution of chefs in the growth and spread of tourism industry. Menu contents are being continuously influenced by trends, fads and fashions.

He said that behind every successful event lies the excellent contribution of the culinary artisans who perform their duties quietly behind the scenes.

The Chief Minister complemented the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Indian Culinary Forum and the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations for taking the initiative for recognizing the contribution made by culinary artisans to the cause of tourism.

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