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Bangalore blasts: Delhi, NCR on high alert

After the series of blasts that rocked Bangalore on Friday, other major metros, including Delhi and its surrounding areas are on high alert.

Security personnel are keeping a close watch at bus stands, railway stations, airports and sensitive installations. The shopping malls can be especially threatened as they tend to be totally packed over the weekend.

Safety is priority first for the police in the National Capital Region. Just hours after the seven blasts that killed two people in Bangalore, the police were securing the malls for shoppers in Noida.

Delhi and its satellite towns were on high alert with extra security in crowded markets also.

“We have put up people in plain clothes so that there is no panic. Trained intelligence officers will keep an eye on anything suspicious,” said R K Chaturvedi, SSP, Noida.

Police in uniform had a special drill at all the major malls of Noida, like Centrestage, Great India Place, Spice and Shoprix Mall. Shopkeepers were instructed to watch out for unidentified baggages.

“We are told to be careful so that no one leaves anything here,” said a shopkeeper at Centre Stage mall.

However, opinion was divided among the shoppers about the presence of the police.

“I think an increase in security increases the fear. I have been through 9/11 as well,” said a citizen.

“I am here to watch a film. We feel much safer with more police here. We don’t feel scared after the Bangalore blasts,” said another citizen.

In Delhi, security was tightened at sensitive points, especially at Metro stations and the cinema halls as well as places of worship.

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