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‘Akbar’ evicted out of Ambala, Haryana on Thursday

Post the bomb blast in Maharashtra yesterday, the misfortune for Jodha Akbar continued up north in Haryana today. The film has now been removed from the Ambala district of Haryana effective Thursday.

Assorted groups had been protesting the film’s release in Haryana, which is linked to a Hindu soldier turned leader Hemu. Hemu had won 22 battles in a row in mid-16th century, and for a brief period subdued the Mughal Empire out of power from Delhi. The locals believe he had been depicted incorrectly, and as an insulting caricature in Jodha Akbar.

The film had been screening in 2 prints in Ambala.

The loss adds to other centers where the screenings of the Hrithik Roshan - Aishwarya Rai Mughal saga has been evicted, led by from the state of Rajasthan.


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