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838 Average number of births per day says Delhi Government report

Delhi saw maximum number of deaths due to heart disease and heart attacks in 2004. While 12,669 people died of heart-related diseases, Tuberculosis was a close second as it claimed 2,315 lives.

As many as 1,533 people died of cancer while road accidents claimed 1,232 lives.

There were 62, 020 deaths due to unknown causes.

As many as 1, 064 deaths occurred due to certified burns out of which 603 were women; 229 of these were in 25-44 age group.

* Under the TB Control Programme, launched by Govt of NCT of Delhi, there were 45,647 TB patients in 2005-06,an eightfold increase since 1997.

* As against the Rs 77.14 crore spent on health sector under the sixth plan which was 7.4 per cent of total plan expenditure, Rs 2381.50 crore was spent on the health sector under tenth five year plan which is 10.35 per cent of the total expenditure. Per capita expenditure on health was Rs 616.87, more than the national average.

* About 56.88 per cent of the deaths were reported by medical institutions

* Delhi recorded 134 maternal deaths in 2005, half of the number in 2004

* Live births by domiciliary untrained mid-wife continued to be high in Delhi. The number was 61,758 in urban areas.

* Number of deaths by fever, diarrhoea and dysentery also continued to be high. There were 1,385 such deaths in 2005. In 1991, this number was 1,782.

* Respiratory diseases also continued to be a major cause of deaths. While 6,250 people died in 1991, the number decreased only marginally in 2005 at 6,014.

* As many as 16,720 people died in the age group of 25-44 years while 25,738 of those who died were between 45 to 64 years of age. of the 29,713 deaths in the 65 and above age group, 12,964 are women.

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