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3 got off Samjhauta: State police

Some startling facts have surfaced during the investigations of the Samjhauta Express blasts of February 18. Gujarat police claims to have information of three suspects alighting from the ill-fated train after an argument with the RPF jawan. Two alighted near Deewana from the running train, while one got off at the Old Delhi station itself after inquiring about trains going to Ahmedabad.

A top police source said “besides the two suspects, whose sketches were released by Haryana police, one more had alighted from the coach ahead of the one which exploded.”

This officer said that this person also asked about trains going to Ahmedabad, from a railway police personnel. “Our teams are now camping in different parts of the state to hunting for these three,” said an anti-terrorist squad official requesting anonymity. in a related development,Salman Khan, the suspect detained by Haryana police for questioning in connection with the Panipat blast has his roots in Ahmedabad.

inspector general of police (ATS) Rajan Priyadarshi said that Khan originally was from Bangalore, but came to Ahmedabad in 1998. “He came into contact with a woman called Rehana of Juhapura and married her. She is his second wife,” said Priyadarshi.

Priyadarshi said that when Rehana was interrogated she claimed to have broken up with Salman. “in February 2006, Salman abandoned her and went away. Since than they are not in contact,” said Priyadarshi. Sources say Rehana continues to run a school in Juhapura.


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