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15-min dream ride to Gurgaon turns nightmare

The promised 15-minute ride from Delhi to Gurgaon has become a pain. The expressway opened up on January 25, amidst chaos and confusion and things haven’t improved much.

People say they have to wait in line for hours to pay Rs 16 — the toll tax — and thus wind up spending more on fuel at the same time. Others say that the markings are complicated and there are so many lanes that it’s difficult to understand which one a commuter has to take.

Officials managing traffic on this route are apparently learning on the job.

DS Constructions spokesperson, Rafi Qadar Khan says, “These are the initial hiccups that one has to face. The sheer volume of traffic is huge, but things are getting better day by day and we are doing our best to increase the levels of efficiency.”

The confusion is all the more because none of the 32 lanes are demarcated for vehicle type, lanes are not barricaded and so people are jumping queues and not everyone is approaching the toll window with the exact amount — Rs 16 — so waiting for change is a problem.

If you want to avoid getting into a traffic bottleneck everyday, then the best idea would be to get your very own smart tag or smart card as soon as possible, but if you still want to use cash then remember to carry the exact amount of change.


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