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14 terrorists headed for Delhi?

TOI had raised this question on Monday — where are the 14 other Pakistan trained terrorists? Now foreign news organisations too are asking the same.

The basis of the question is the captured terrorist, Ajmal Amir Kasav, telling his interrogators he had trained along with 23 other LeT for attacks on India. While 10 of them, including him, were sent off on their deadly mission on November 23 from Karachi, the remaining 14 had stayed back.

According to ABC News, these 14 were possibly being trained for a similar attack on Delhi. Delhi Police, however, said it had no such specific information, nor had Kasav hinted an attack on Delhi. However, central intelligence agencies had a meeting with the officers of Delhi Police special branch and asked them to be on high alert.

“It was a general warning,” said a police source. Commissioner Y S Dadwal too has called a meeting with senior officers to sensitise them about possible risks.


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